Owning crypto coins is one thing and storing them securely is the totally different thing. When it comes to storing verge coins (XVG) safe and sound, there are several options are available to choose from.  There are a number of mobile, web and desktop wallets available to download from the official Verge website for various operating systems. Let’s go through these wallets one by one to find the most secure way to store your XVG. Further we will discuss options how to store Verge (XVG) using different types of Verge Wallet.

Verge Desktop Wallet


Desktop wallets are the most common types of wallet and popular for the variety of the features, intuitive user interface, autonomy, and control they offer. In case of Verge, the Electrum wallet is the official desktop wallet to store XVG. You can download Electrum from their website for the various operating system. Installation can take quite a lot of time to get sync with the blockchain but you can download the verge blockchain directly from their website to make this process easy.

Unlike other crypto wallets, Electrum is highly configured, well programmed with the smart and clean user interface.

  • Supported operating system: Windows, Linux (Fedora, Centos, ArchLinux, Debian etc.) Mac, Raspberry Pi etc. Verge auto installer included.
  • The difficulty level of electrum: Easy
  • Other cryptocurrencies can be stored: BTC, ETH, LTC,
  • Security: Top-tier with state of the art encryption
  • You can also keep your private keys offline (cold storage) and go online with a watching-online wallet for an excessive security.

Verge Mobile Wallets 

The mobile wallet is the first most convenient way to store the verge coins. Mobile wallet offered by verge called coinomi which is multi-currency wallet runs on the Android operating system and designed for simplicity and ease-of-use. The iOS mobile app has not been developed yet.

Verge Hardware Wallets (not yet supported)

Hardware wallets are the special type of crypto wallets which stores private and the public key of the users’ in special purpose secure hardware device such as USBs. There are major advantages of hardware wallets over conventional desktop wallets when it comes to storing a large number of crypto coins. They can be operated via USB on desktop wallets and via NFC on mobile devices. Hardware wallet is the second best way for cold storage after the paper wallet. They are also referred as hot wallets.

Hardware wallet has opened the new market for special purpose hardware devices to store digital currencies and Ledger Nano, TREZOR, keepkeys, and opendime are the potential manufacturer of this types of wallets.

*Unfortunately, verge coins can’t be stored on any hardware wallet available in the market but XVG may support in the nearest future on any hardware wallets. 

For more Verge Wallet options visit Verge’s Official website and navigate to their Wallet section by clicking here.