Brave Vs Firefox Browser

Since last year, the Brave browser caught the attention of almost every internet user. Ranked by various tech websites as the most secure browser of 2019, Brave is constantly battling for the first place with Mozilla Firefox. Lets look at Brave vs Firefox in more detail.

Brave comes with a multitude of advantages such as amazing loading speeds or the fact that it is an open source browser. Firefox also comes close to this description, being one of the favorite browsers worldwide for years now.

Brave vs. Firefox. What actual facts say

Backend distinction

Brave uses a similar engine as Chrome, the Chromium, which was built to provide impressive speed and efficiency. This is a big plus for Brave, as Mozilla is sometimes quite popular due to its loading lag.

What about security?

Mostly, the Brave browser became popular because of its security features. Default ad tracker or HTTPS are the top reasons why users switch to Brave, while another reason might be the fact that in some cases this browser automatically upgrades o HTTPS for encrypted communications if it is used an insecure connection.

Firefox provides protection against phishing websites or pop-ups, while permitting users to select their own security settings.

But unlike Mozilla, Brave users are allowed to decide the data to delete at the end of each browsing session.

Which offers the best when it comes to privacy Brave or Firefox ?

Well, the truth is that the rising popularity of the Brave browser came from the fact that it cherishes its user’s privacy. Being quite different from the rest of online browsers, Brave does not keep track of your online activity. Moreover, Brave made an official statement in which underlined that its developers do not sell data to third parties for money purposes and the said data remains private on the actual device the browser is installed on.

Firefox also comes with distinct features that guarantee privacy, with encrypted data and the possibility to run on the TOR network. Even though Mozilla comes with a pop-up blocker, malware blocker and do not track options, many advertisers can make use of third-party cookies to track your browsing.

Ultimately who wins the Speed battle Brave or Firefox

What makes Brave better than Mozilla is that it blocks ads by default, which simply said it means the loading time is faster because there is no additional information to download.

Brave vs Firefox speed comparison

In what ways Brave Browser is better?

So, at this point, you are probably convinced about the advantages of using Brave instead of Firefox. Speed, privacy and security are all improved when using Brave, but if you are still wondering why Brave is better than other browsers, here are two answers to consider.

Brave & Cryptocurrency

An interesting choice of those that developed Brave browser is the inbuilt Basic Attention Token Wallet. Users are allowed to load the wallet using cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you think about Mozilla`s new Anti-tracking campaign, Brave has a big plus because Firefox does not ask the user before blocking mining scripts required in crypto mining.

Basic Attention Token

An interesting feature that makes Brave browser better is the Basic Attention Token. This permits you to enrol in a new blockchain-based digital ad system. Simply put, it means publishers receive a better deal and users get a share of the ad revenue for their attention.

Are there any disadvantages of using Brave Browser?

As it happens with any new piece of technology, in the beginning things are a bit rough. Some disadvantages include:

  • Poor plugin support
  • the menu bar comes with a rough design
  • The reader view can only be accessed through an extension
  • The iPhone version has some strange behavior

Is the Brave browser the future?

In the battle between the Brave and Firefox browser is hard to choose a winner. The biggest advantage Brave has on the market might be the fact that it has an innovative, open-minded vision and supports the future through their Cryptocurrency features and basic attention token. It is a rather interesting browser to try because it is constantly improved to offer the best user experience.

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