CoinPot is an online cryptocurrency micro wallet. What makes it unique is that the wallet accepts what is known as faucet payments, which are basically small fractions of various cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, given away for free. In this article we will do an in depth Coinpot review so you can learn how it works, what coinpot faucets are available and which cryptocurrency you can earn for free !

There are countless websites providing faucet payments, CoinPot can be used to gather many types of cryptos, albeit it in very small amounts. These are always given away for free too, so you could end up with a collection of different cryptocurrencies for no charge whatsoever.

To use CoinPot, you need to visit appropriate websites that offer compatible CoinPot faucets. As CoinPot is a well-regarded micro wallet, it’s easy enough to find websites offering faucet pay-outs free of charge.

How does CoinPot Work ?

CoinPot is a type of cryptocurrency wallet known as a micro wallet. These are designed to accept faucet payments, which are very small fraction of a certain cryptocurrency tokens. To get these pay-outs, you must visit a faucet website.

Faucet websites offer free faucet payments, which are then transferred and stored into a CoinPot wallet. You do need to do a few things to get these faucets, which varies from each website, most typically from watching adverts and completing captchas.

Given the nature of these websites, it’s always worth being prepared prior to using CoinPot faucets. For instance, you should create separate email address for your CoinPot, as you can expect a high volume of spam from faucet sites you sign up for.

Also, a robust antivirus software is highly recommended. Remember, these sites are giving away free cryptocurrencies, making adverts their main source of income, and not all these ads are safe. So, it’s worth investing in a good antivirus program before claiming faucet pay-outs.

How Do I Get CoinPot ?

Getting CoinPot is relatively straight-forward. Simply head over to their website, where you then follow the instructions for setting up an account. It’s much the same as registering for any cryptocurrency wallet or exchange platform, so if your familiar with this then you should be fine.

Remember, you’ll need to provide an email address, and this may see a fair amount of spam mail. Therefore, we highly recommend creating a new email for your CoinPot account, saving you the hassle of being spammed by countless emails on your main email account.

Once registered, simply verify the email address and you have access to the online CoinPot dashboard. The dashboard is simple to use, with most of the important features found on the homepage.

What Free Cryptocurrencies are Available with CoinPot ?

There are seven CoinPot faucets currently available, all of which offer a range of faucet payments. As these are very small, the cryptos provided aren’t technically a token, but a fraction of one.

For instance, bitcoin faucets are known as Satoshis, and are given away in various amounts, ranging from 100 (0.000001BTC) to as much as 10,000 (0.0001BTC). As you can see, you’ll need a fair amount of these to get a full bitcoin!

There are various types of cryptos available on the seven current CoinPot faucets, including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin

All of these can be stored on a single CoinPot wallet, and while their amounts certainly start off small, you can end up collection a good amount of cryptos for free. Also, pay out amounts vary from each site and depending on the crypto, but if you stick to it you should be able to get free payments for all of the above.

CoinPot Faucets List

Once you have a CoinPot account, you can start linking it to faucet sites. There are many options available, and the pay-outs can vary quite significantly. At the moment, there are seven faucet websites attached to CoinPot, although this number certainly might rise in the future – CoinPot was only founded last year!

The current CoinPot faucets include:

  • Moon Bitcoin
  • Bit Fun
  • Bonus Bitcoin
  • Moon Bitcoin Cash
  • Moon Litecoin
  • Moon Dogecoin
  • Moon Dash

To start earning free payments from these sites, you need to link them first, which is easily done using your CoinPot account. Simply register at the necessary websites with your CoinPot email, and then all the pay outs you earn are sent there directly.

Amount pay outs are quite different on each site, and you may end up sticking to some more than others. For instance, Moon Bitcoin and Moon Litecoin are two of the better CoinPot faucets. Some offer daily bonuses while others provide exceptional rewards for referrals, so there are many ways to get good payments.

Just beware of malicious adverts and emails sent to your account – this is why you want to be preferred before getting started!

While you won’t make millions using CoinPot and other faucets, it’s a great way to introduce yourself to the world of cryptocurrencies. It’s free, doesn’t require much except for plenty of patience, and you’ll learn plenty about cryptocurrencies!

CoinPot Tokens

CoinPot recently announced their very own  CoinPot tokens. These are available through mining and trading, while also through CoinPot’s own faucets, allowing you to another type of crypto for free!

CoinPot Tokens can be converted into other cryptos too, and you can use them to pay for CoinPot’s special lottery draws, where you have the chance to win even more CoinPot tokens!