The truth is that seven years ago, almost any type of cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, was mineable through PCs or inexpensive graphic processing units/ GPUs. Anyhow, this completely changed in time because of various factors such as increased network difficulty of various cryptocurrencies and complex ASIC miners.

Nowadays, there are available a bundle of altcoins that can be mined via a PC or a GPU.  Read on to find out what are the best cryptocurrencies to mine with GPU in 2019.

 Bitcoin (BTC)

The first and the most popular cryptocurrency is, of course, the Bitcoin. Even though it appeared on the market back in 2009, crypto fans still consider it one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine in 2019. Great for mining with GPU in 2019, bitcoin is still one of the favourite cryptocurrencies.

Monero (XMR)

Another altcoin that grew impressively and gained popularity during the past years is Monero. It prides as being one of the cryptocurrencies for which the transactions are completely anonymous, making it almost impossible to identify both senders and receivers of the coin`s transaction.

Due to the fact that it is a Crypto Note, Monero can be mined via GPU by using the recommended MonersSpelunker, present on Monero`s official website.

 Ethereum (ETH)

Being the cryptocurrency with the second biggest market capital, Ethereum surprises due to the fact that it can be mined through GPUs. Praised because it is a decentralized computer platform, this cryptocurrency functions based on the so-called `smart contract`.

Smart contract programming in Ethereum`s blockchain is achieved by using the programming language `Solidity`, meant to set up extremely complicated conditionals, allowing users to benefit from self-governed smart contracts.

The most used GPU mining software for this cryptocurrency is Ethminer, that requires the installation of Geth, which acts as a link between your computer and Ethereum`s network.

ZenCash Mining with GPU
Mining Zencash with GPU

 Zencash (ZEN)

ZEN is a cryptocurrency that functions on Zcash`s zero-knowledge encryption protocol, which supports entirely anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges.

Zencash can be mined through GPU by using Nicehash to mine it on a Windows PC. If you own an AMD graphic card it is recommended to use Claymore`s ZCash GPU Miner, while if you have a NVIDIA graphic card, Cuda ZCash Miner is the best for you.

 Vertcoin (VTC)

Vertcoin employs a slightly different version of Bitcoin`s PoW algorithm and it added an innovative modification to the Crypt`s algorithm, commonly known as Adaptive N-Factor. Basically, the N-Factor says how much memory is required in order to compute the work required. Moreover, this increases in time in order to promote ASIC resistance.

VTC can be mined through GPUs or PCs by using a specially designed miner for mining Vertcoin. Its is a simple, user-friendly programme that works great with AMD graphics cards.

Ravencoin (RVN)

A slightly recent appearance on the market, the Ravencoin currency was launched back in 2018, being also inspired by Bitcoin`s code. It represents an open source peer-to-peer blockchain created to efficiently create and transfer assets from one party to another.

It has various mining programs that work perfectly on Nvidia graphics, but the best one remains CCminer due to the fact that it does not come with a Dev fee. What is even more interesting about this program, is that it works with both Windows and Linux.

 Electroneum (ETN)

Electroneum gained its popularity as being the fastest and the best cryptocurrency to mine with GPU because it is in fact the first KYC compliant crypto in the world. ETN is meant for using in mobile games and online gambling platforms and it features its own app, wallet and mobile miner.

Anyhow, ETN focuses on speeding up the microtransactions such as buying mobile games, undergoing payments for apps or simply sending money to friends.

And the list goes on and on. There are a multitude of cryptocurrencies you can mine, the ones mentioned above being only the top favorites cryptocurrencies to mine with GPU in 2019.

Other Cryptocurrency that are mined with GPU are:

Dashcoin (DSH)

FantomCoin (FCN)

Feathercoin (FTC)


Grin (GRIN)

all of which can be mined with GPU in 2019.