We are here to learn how to buy kin token so lets not waste any time and lets get straight to it. Follow these simple steps and you should soon own some kin tokens !

Step # 1 : Sign Up For Coinbase.

Sign up for Coinbase by adding personal information such as name, email and the state you are from.

How to start an account at Coinbase

After you created an account on Coinbase and get through the verification process go to `Settings Tab` in your account. This menu is found on the upper left corner, right under your icon picture. Access the Settings menu and you will see the page displayed below.

Coinbase Settings Menu

Different options are displayed here, including the activity in your account. Also, you will find here a section called `Linked accounts`. Click it as you will be shown a page as the one below.

Coinbase Linked Accounts

If you want to do instant transactions, you will have to select the debit card option. Lately, Coinbase included a USD wallet, which allows you to transfer USD from your bank account to your Coinbase account. Yet, keep in mind that the initial transfer can take between 3 days and a week.

Coinbase Choose Payment Method

Now Head over to HitBTC exchange. Here you will click on Deposit. On the next page you will click on a ‘+’ sign next to BTC and on the next page you will be shown your ‘BTC deposit address’. Copy this address.

HitBTC Deposit

Once you get your Bitcoin Wallet Address on HitBTC, copy it to clipboard and head back to Coinbase. On coinbase go to Accounts, find BTC and Paste the address you obtained from HitBTC and Click Send.

Send BTC from coinbase

Wait 10 to 30 mins for it to arrive on your HiTBTC acount. Now that you have BTC on HitBTC, Click on “Exchange” on the header menu. This will take you straight to their exchange.

First you will click on the ‘BTC Tab’ which is the first Tab. You will do this to convert your BTC to ETH. Why ? because you can only buy KIN token on HitBTC with Ethereum. Double click BTC/ETH and you will be able to buy ETH with the BTC you just transferred.

Now that you have ETH. Click on the ‘ETH Tab’ as shown below and this will load all the coins and tokens that you can trade using Ethereum. Go to the search bar on the ‘upper right corner’ and type in ‘KIN’.

Find KIN/ETH and click on it.

HitBTC buy with ETH

Buy and sell Kin coin with ease

Buy and Sell on HitBTC

What is Kin Coin?

Kin represents a cryptocurrency that can be used in a multitude of applications. This coin is great as an inter-application currency due to the fact that it permits its users to benefit from diverse platform features. Today, Kin is used by more than six million users, leading to more than 200,000 daily transactions.

It is forecasted that Kin Coin pricing will keep stable through 2019, yet by 2020 its prices it is said to reach a value of $.00017. Anyhow, the price point will continue to move forward due to the fact that application integration will boost dramatically with positive news.

But always remember that all sorts of crypto coins tend to be volatile, which is why it is recommended to invest in it carefully.