Ethereum is blockchain based decentralized cryptocurrency which also features smart contract. Often the name of Ethereum is associated with Bitcoin but both are different projects as having the functionality of smart contracts, Ethereum also works for your decentralized apps. Out of more than 13,000 cryptocurrencies out there, Ethereum has managed to be in the top list. In this article we are going to look into all options to buy ethereum with paypal

Where to buy Ethereum with PayPal ?

There are many ways by which you can buy Ethereum. People use credit card or Bank Transfer to buy from crypto exchanges or they trade and exchange with the existing cryptocurrency they have. But many of the people are still trying to finds ways to buy Ethereum with PayPal. If you want to buy ETH with Paypal then there are many options to choose from with some of the best exchanges including;

Buy Ethereum with PayPal using Paxful

In past it was difficult to purchase Ether utilizing the cash from your PayPal. This was such a major disadvantage considering how prominent PayPal has moved toward becoming for individuals who need to deal with their cash on the web. But now you can buy Bitcoin with PayPal and later trade it with Ethereum.

Step One – Registering at Binance

Before buying Bitcoin or Ethereum one need to have a wallet.  For that purpose, register on Binance with all your contact details. Once you are logged in at Binance, hover over to the withdrawal tab and select BTC from there. You will be given an address. You got to copy this address as your bitcoins will be transferred into it.

Step Two – Buying Bitcoin with Paypal on Paxful

Signing Up at Paxful is pretty easy as you just need to create your account providing your email and contact information. Once you


r account is confirmed and you are logged in at Paxful

, you are all ready to buy Bitcoin with PayPal.

Once you are signed in at Paxful, click on the link saying “Buy Bitcoin Now”. It will ask you the amount you want to put in to buy Bitcoin. After putting in your desire amount it will ask you about the Payment method. Paxful has different payment method such as; Amazon Gift Card, PayPal, Western Union, OneVanilla Gift Card or any Debit/Credit card that you possess. As you will select the PayPal option, you will see a page with offers. Sellers will give you offer to buy Bitcoin with PayPal and you can go with the best offer to buy Bitcoin.

Following these easy steps, you will be able to buy Bitcoin with PayPal at Paxful.

  • Set up your account on Paxful.
  • Go to Buy Bitcoin tab.
  • Put your desired amount.
  • Authenticate your account by providing email address.
  • Put your payment method.
  • Select the Best offer.

 Step Three – Buying ETH with BTC using Binance

It will take maximum half an hour for your balance to be appeared in your Binance Wallet. After balance has showed up in your wallet, its time to exchange BTC for ETH.

The process of exchanging BTC for ETH is pretty easy and simple. You need to follow the steps given below;

  • Select “Basic Exchange” under the tab of Exchange.
  • Search ETH/BTC on the right side of the screen.
  • In middle there is a price chart and right under it you can sell or exchange BTC.
  • Select how much ETH you want and BTC will be calculated automatically.
  • Buy ETH.

Now you have successfully exchanged your Bitcoins with Ethereum. Your ETH will appear in your Binance account. You can now have another wallet to transfer your ETH. Just look for the compatible wallet for Ethereum and you are done with buying Ethereum with PayPal.