Qryptos is a new cryptocurrency exchange platforms launched in June 2017.  It brings fresh ideas into the already competitive blockchain market. Qryptos exchange platform is operated by Quoin, a next-generation fintech firm that is currently involved in blockchain related projects. The platform has been licensed by the Japanese financial services agency, so it is legitimate to customers’ expectations. The platform extends its services globally with the Japanese market being exceptional. Lets look at a detailed Qryptos Review and go indepth.

How Qryptos exchange works

  • Qryptos exchange platform setting is structured to revolutionize the blockchain market because its operation eliminates the applicability of the centralized currency entirely.
  • The platform does not deal with fiat currencies, it only accepts the cryptocurrencies, and it accepts them as they get developed on weekly or monthly basis.
  • To maintain the initial currency liquidity, Qryptos exchange offers a negative trading fee on the developing digital coins.
  • This distinctive and unique feature of selling point encourages the addition of new cryptocurrencies.
  • One of the unique features of Qryptos exchange is that it even pays the traders for trading certain currencies. This strategy has enabled the platform to acquire direct liquidity by attracting more investors than any other exchange platforms.

How do market makers get paid ?

  • A market maker is any investor who sends the market order to enter directly at the possible
  • The Qryptos exchange has made it very efficient because the market maker attracts 0.075% of every trade they make and the reward is directly collectible.
  • The 0.075% is actually half of the taker fee received by the Qryptos.
  • The exchange maintains this operation model by distributing its half of the fee-based revenue on some specific cryptocurrencies to market makers.
  • The taker fee remains at 0.15% which makes the exchange vibrant in competition in comparison with other exchange platforms.
  • Among the exciting aspects of Qryptos exchange is the development of the beta desktop to facilitate the existing and the potential investors to access the platform more efficiently.

The Qryptos Trading Platform

  • The trading instruments associate with Qryptos includes; Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple XRP, Litecoin, dash, Monero, Nem, Bitcoin cash among others cryptocurrencies.
  • On the issue of minimum financial deposit, one can open an account with Qryptos exchange platform with a minimum amount of digital tokens as you can afford.
  • The primary way to attract traffic at the Qryptos exchange is through the fee structure. Many exchange platforms offer fee structure considered suitable for customers but going into the negative sounds crazy, but cryptos have done it.
  • The platform offers 0.07% rebate to any investor who contributes in the platforms liquidity.
  • Qryptos exchange platform is web-based, and they promise to incorporate mobile apps in future.

Qryptos Mode of payment

When it comes to the issue of pay, Qryptos exchange only accepts transfers of cryptocurrencies which are possible in all coins supported by the company. Quoinex members can still use the account to deposit digital coins into the Qryptos exchange platform.

Qryptos : Security measures

  • Qryptos exchange platform is more courteous on the security aspect of the platform and for the inventors. To ensure investors of their security, the platform has complied with anti-money laundering, and they are well familiar with customer requirements by their home area jurisdiction.
  • Also to make sure that the user is legit, you have to go through a series of complex verifications before you gain complete access to the platform.
  • Clients that are already Quoinex members and interested in taking part in the trading activities of Qryptos can use their existing login details to gain access to the Qryptos

Qryptos Future plans

Finally, an important part of Qryptos review is what it has in store for the future ! The platform is diversifying at higher rates, and the future programs have been laid out. The main aim is to make the Qryptos exchange platform the leading digital currency exchange where the primary issued Qryptos can be listed and exchanged. The negative trading fee model will make this approach more practical.

To curb the problem associated with the Initial Coin Offering, the platform is confident that the current stable KYC checks accompanied by a series of protective measures will undoubtedly transform the ICO game and eliminate uncertainties.

In conclusion, it is with no doubt that investors require a stable, regulated and a transparent exchange platform to guarantee the security of their accounts and transactions. Qryptos exchange has come to ensure the investors that they can securely trade on the platform without any security issues.