Two of the most popular trading platforms available nowadays are Coinigy and TradingView. Users debate constantly on this topic, but the truth is both platforms come with pluses and minuses, depending on your trading preferences. Let`s see below which one is the best tool for trading cryptocurrencies based on their characteristics and who wins this Coinigy vs TradingView battle !

What is TradingView ?

Trading View represents a platform developed to offer real-time data and market insights for the trader. Moreover, it represents a great collaborative trading platform that functions on the idea that an open-ended platform is necessary for people to share ideas freely and learn one from another.

Simply put, TradingView acts as a public forum in which traders can interact and exchange their opinions.

What is Coinigy ?

Coinigy`s main focus is on digital trading and it offers diverse learning options along with powerful trading tools. It was constantly labelled as the best cryptocurrency trading platform, but many beginners pointed out that it requires a bit of extensive learning. To read our fully analysis on Coinigy, read our Review.

Coinigy vs. TradingView

As said above, there a couple of similarities between the trading platforms, but the differences are more than notable. Basically, Coinigy is great for crypto-only traders, while Trading View allows user to opt for other types of financial assets.Differences in charting

Difference in Charting

An important difference between Coinigy vs Tradingview is that Trading View uses HTML5 charts. This allows Trading View users to select from more than 50 intelligent drawing tools that allow traders to manage various chart layouts.

On the other hand, Coinigy lacks this charting aspect, but it still permits its users to get data through charts displayed on the platform.

Types of currency

Coinigy permits users to trade only cryptocurrency. So, a big advantage of using TradingView is that besides cryptocurrency, traders are allowed to use traditional finance assets such as stocks or futures, while the diversity of currencies available exceeds the limitations of Coinigy.

If you are looking to trade beyond cryptocurrency then Trading view comes on top in this section of the Coinigy vs TradingView comparison.

Cryptocurrency limitations

But when it comes to cryptocurrency, Coinigy trades all types of crypto coins, whilst TradingView focuses only on popular coins. So if you are looking for a larger variety of coins then Coinigy certainly wins this part of the Coinigy vs TradingView battle.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Coinigy is great for those that trade mostly cryptocurrency because it connects to most Crypto Exchanges. With Trading View, users can select from only 3 stock brokers, which is a major disadvantage of using Trading View. This will be a win for Coinigy.

Pricing Comparison

Coinigy offers three distinct pricing plans, two paid and one free.

  1. The free plan features 30-day trial period and comes to restricted access to Pro features.
  2. The Pro Trader plan is around $18 per month if you select an annual package and It will offer access to various tools such as unlimited API accounts, multiple chart layouts or unlimited session length.
  3. The API Developer Pro plan is a bit pricier, with a $99.99 fee a month, but it gets the trader the opportunity to use features like priority customer support or Coinigy CryptoFeed.

Anyway, TradingView also comes with a free plan and 3 distinct pro plans.

  1. The basic package, a free-trial for 30 days, a restrictive plan that allows only 1 chart per layout and no more than three indicators per chart.
  2. The Pro Plan is around $9.95 if you opt for the 2-year billing cycle and it offers its traders 2 charts per layout, 10 server alerts, 5 indicators per chart and many more.
  3. Pro+ costs $19.95 for the two-year billing option and gets traders access to 4 charts per layout and 10 indicators per chart.
  4. The Premium Plan costs $39.95 a month, also for the two-year billing cycle, and offers unlimited trading experience and tools, with no restrictions.

Coinigy vs TradingView : Which trading platform is best for you ?

Well, Trading View has a variety of options when it comes to pricing plan and, of course, it has the power to suit the needs of those that want to mic Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

It is perfect for those that know what stock trading is all about and it allows its users to exchange ideas.

Coinigy is advantageous for those that fancy cryptocurrencies and digital investments. It allows its traders to move around diverse cryptocurrencies, while its pricing plans get access to all the tools required for great trading.

However, you should keep in mind that it takes quite some time to get a thorough understanding of the investment world, which is why you should consider correctly your needs and aspirations before choosing a trading platform.

Both Coinigy and TradingView come with great features!