OmiseGo is one of the most advanced and revolutionary Ethereum based blockchain designed to “unbank the bank”. It uses the Ethereum based smart contract to execute the various transactions and POS consensus to keep it secure. Its ability to conduct secure & rapid, transparent and the peer-to-peer transaction on decentralized OMG network in real time without caring about geographical boundaries has made it quite popular amongst the crypto market analyst and bankers. Here, we will talk about where and how to buy OmiseGo

Follow these two simple steps in order to learn how to buy OmiseGo without paying excessive fees or commissions. 

Step: 1   Buy BTC or ETH from Coinbase or any other popular exchange

You can’t buy OMG fiat money but you can buy or exchange it with Bitcoin and few other crypto coins. And that is why you will have to go to exchange that accepts the deposits from your debit/credit card or bank account directly in order to acquire some BTC or ETH. You can use popular exchange such as Coinbase or Circle to buy BTC or ETH.

  • Sign up with Coinbase.
  • AML & KYC process:
  • You will have to go through KYC and AML process which is basically nothing but the process of identity and address verification.
  • Link your bank account or credit/debit card or PayPal account.
  • Convert fiat to BTC or ETH:
  • Once you cleared these processes you can convert your money into any of digital assets you want and in this case, we need BTC or Ether.
  • You can store them in your online wallet or transfer them to your desktop, mobile or hardware wallet.

Where to buy OmiseGo ?

go to a supporting OMG exchangeOMG tokens are currently trading on 20+ popular exchanges. Here are the most popular exchanges to buy Omisego.

  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex
  • UpBit
  • Huobi
  • Binance,
  • Ethfinex
  • OKEx
  • HitBTc
  • KuCoin, Koinex, and Liqui.


  • What you will have to do is exchange your already acquired BTC or ETH with OMG.
  • Visit any of these exchanges (we prefer Bittrex and Poloniex for lower commission fees and no excessive charges) and exchange your BTC or Ether with a subsequent amount of OMG tokens.

Finally How to Buy OmiseGo on Bittrex:

  • Set up a Bittrex account using the following steps on their web page
  • Ones you login, go to settings
  • Complete the basic requirements
  • Have bitcoin or etherium in your account
  • Click the + symbol by either one you are using
  • An address will be generated
  • Copy the address and send currency to it
  • Click on Bittrex logo and it will take you to a page with all market logo
  • Click on either BTC-OMG
  • Go to trading section and enter the amount of neo you want to buy
  • Add 0.025 units for transfer fee
  • In front of the bit label click on the price dropdown and choose bit option
  • Once the section is filled up click on buy OMG
  • Then transfer your OMG to your wallet (recommended) OR you can choose to keep it on Bittrex exchange.