You will need to First Buy Bitcoin to Buy NEO You can not buy Neo directly with Fiat. In this article we will provide detailed steps on how to buy Neo on Bittrex Exchange. The first step is to acquire Bitcoin (BTC). Before you can buy bitcoin, you must first have a bitcoin wallet to store them. There are a lot of wallets available depending on the device you want to use. Some wallet web providers include

  1. Coinbase
  2. Cycle
  3. Blockchain
  4. Strong coin
  5. Xapo and lots more.

Follow these few steps to get a bitcoin wallet addresses ready for receiving and sending bitcoin

  • Choose the web wallet you want. Here we are going to be using Coinbase as our reference because they are exchangers too
  • Go to
  • Register with you details and password
  • Select the check box to indicate you are not a robot
  • Click signup then follow the necessary security steps to secure your wallet
  • Phone verification will be sent to your registered number
  • Add a payment account of any form for easy transfers
  • Validate your identity by filling out an account profile form
  • Click the link on the page and it will take you to an identity verification form
  • Just key in the correct information and you are set to go

Where and how to buy Bitcoins to Purchase NEO ?

Lucky for you, coin base trade in Bitcoins but you can also find other exchanger online at your digression. If you have followed the above steps to open a coin base account, now all you need to do to buy bitcoins are

  • Just click on buy bitcoin
  • Key in the amount you want to buy
  • Select the wallet you would like the bitcoin transferred into
  • Select the payment method you wish your account to be debited with
  • Make sure order is correct
  • Click buy. And give a window of 30minutes for it to land on the address

How to send Bitcoins from Coin Base to Bittrex ?

  • First you need a Bittrex wallet. If you don’t already have one you need to register on the website. And if you are just going to be sending to a third party ask for their Bittrex receive address.
  • To get your address from tour wallet, login to your Bittrex account
  • Go to wallet tab
  • Find BTC and click the “+” button
  • Copy the wallet address for depositing bitcoin
  • Now go to account tab on your coin base account
  • Click the send button in the BTC row
  • Past the Bittrex wallet address into the recipient box
  • Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to send
  • Click continue
  • Confirm and send

Funds will be received in your Bittrex account in less than an hour

Steps on How to buy NEO on Bittrex with bitcoin

Now you will need a neo account. If you already have one use the steps below

  • Set up a Bittrex account using the following steps on their web page
  • Ones you login, go to settings
  • Complete the basic requirements
  • Have bitcoin or etherium in your account
  • Click the + symbol by either one you are using
  • An address will be generated
  • Copy the address and send currency to it
  • Click on Bittrex logo and it will take you to a page with all market logo
  • Click on either BTC-NEO or ETH-NEO
  • Go to trading section and enter the amount of neo you want to buy
  • Add 0.025 units for transfer fee
  • In front of the bit label click on the price dropdown and choose bit option
  • Once the section is filled up click on buy NEO
  • Then transfer your NEO to your wallet and keep claiming your GAS.

To Buy Neo on Exchanges other than Bittrex simply Click Here